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The Fetal Doppler also has a recording cable that allows you to save these first sounds on a computer or CD and share them with friends and relatives. Application of the ultrasound gel is recommended for best results, and the best period to hear the fetal heart rate is approximately 30 minutes after an expecting mother gets up in the morning. The Fetal Doppler is an amazing way for yourself and others to connect with your unborn child, and it makes the perfect gift for future parents.

We Heard the Heartbeat on the Fetal Doppler! // 9 Weeks

Otherwise once the child is born a mother is able to the Fetal Doppler to record her own heartbeat and play it to soother her newborn! It should be noted though that this is a non-diagnostic device and in no way should replace the role of your doctor. Take advantage of this deal today! The Miracle Box is your route to an easier pregnancy, a shorter labour, and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy body or better! These soft and absorbent thick maternity pads cushion and protect, offering maximum comfort while featuring a A healthy, varied diet is vital for new mothers, to help produce nutritious breast milk and maintain their own health during the postnatal period.

Fetal Dopplers

Maternal breast-feeding is strongly recommended for the newborn baby as it provides essential nutrients and The Carriwell Maternity Flexi-Belt turns everyday pants and skirts into maternity wear. This innovative product helps moms-to-be have a preggy wardrobe based on their firm favourites, and in so doing save a small fortune on maternity wear.

Each pack The Theraline C-Section Belt is designed to protect, support and soothe in the weeks after a caesarean, allowing you to quickly resume daily activities with more confidence.

It comes with 4 inserts to create a bespoke comfort relief by day or night and It offers side impact protection plus performance chest pads and is ready for the smallest Cranes Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers provide up to 24 hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of The Angelsounds Fetal Doppler is for home use by expectant mothers Designed to hear baby's heartbeat Hear the heartbeat from the 12th week of pregnancy Listen to the sounds and you might even hear kicks, hiccups and blows. Usage: Switch on AngelSounds The head support was designed with specific inclination which respects the shape of baby's skull and provides a real support Curious toddlers love to explore which can lead them to a potentially harmful situations.

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