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Power Pong app available for download! Eastfield Single Case - Gray. Eastfield Single Case - Black. Sanwei Fextra. Sanwei V1. Monies deposited in the approved account that the client wants to be considered as an Employment and Independence Expense to be used as a deduction from countable income must be approved by the branch prior to the deposit being made. If monies from the approved account are used for a purpose not consistent with the definition of approved account in , the client may be prohibited from utilizing an approved account for the next 12 months for the purposes of the determination of eligibility.

A bank account includes a money market account and an account in a financial institution , except that accounts in financial institutions for stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposit CDs are covered in CCA B. For OSIPM, money in a bank account is counted as a resource as long as it's considered available, see , unless it can be excluded using the criteria below.

You should subtract deposits of any income you are counting in that month from the current balance; otherwise, you will be counting the income twice as income and as a resource. Note: Be sure to review about commingling excluded income with other funds in a bank account. Black Lung Benefits paid to miners or their survivors under the provisions of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act are counted as unearned income.

The amount in an irrevocable burial trust or any other irrevocable arrangement to cover burial costs is excluded. A burial fund may be established only from financial means such as cash, burial contracts, bank accounts, stocks, bonds or life insurance policies. Burial funds are treated as follows:. There is no overpayment for the time period during which the burial arrangement or burial fund existed if a client If an asset originally used as a burial arrangement or burial fund is converted to other uses, the asset is treated under the other applicable rules.

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All prepaid irrevocable burial arrangements, including those funded by an irrevocable assignment of a life insurance policy, must include a contract for the goods and services that are funded by the prepayment. If the prepayment does not include a contract that it funds there is a potentially disqualifying transfer see OAR to , which could impact Medicaid eligibility.

Additionally, if the amount of the prepayment exceeds the value of the contract that it funds, there is a potentially disqualifying transfer. For life insurance funded burial arrangements where there is an irrevocable assignment the amount of the assignment is considered to be equal to the face value FV of the policy assigned. In determining the amount of the disqualifying transfer, though, the value of the burial contract is compared to the cash surrender value CSV of the life insurance policy, not the FV of the policy.

Example 1: Mr. Since the cost of the arrangement is less than the FV of the life insurance policy the transfer of the policy is a potentially disqualifying transfer.

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To determine the amount of the disqualifying transfer subtract the cost of the contract from the CSV of the life insurance policy. Example 2 : Mr.

Note: When an individual purchases a burial arrangement the individual must be the owner of the policy, not a family member or other individual. Burial spaces include conventional grave sites, crypts, mausoleums, urns, niches, burial vaults, and other repositories that are traditionally used for the remains of deceased persons. Burial spaces also include headstones and the opening and closing of the gravesite, and the reasonable and necessary improvements or additions to such spaces.

Burial merchandise includes, but is not limited to, urns, caskets, liners, headstones, markers, plaques, and foundations. In the month of receipt, cash is counted as income unless the cash qualifies as excluded income under another rule. After the month of receipt, cash including cash on hand, cash in a safety deposit box, and cash held by others is counted as a resource, unless the cash qualifies as an excluded resource under another rule.

Foreign currency that can be converted to U. The value of foreign currency is its value in U. Child support and cash medical support paid by a non-custodial parent for a dependent child or minor parent in the financial group are considered income of the dependent child or minor parent, whether the support is paid voluntarily or in accordance with an order to pay child support. She receives SSD and child support from her ex-husband. Per 1 a , her children are not in the financial group and therefore, the child support would not be considered income for the mother.

Pass-through includes current child support only. Disregard includes current child support only. All child support and cash medical support paid to the financial group are considered countable unearned income, except as follows:. Child support and cash medical support paid by the financial group are is generally not deductible from income, except when calculating the countable income of the ineligible spouse of an adult OSIPM applicant see OAR and , or the non-applying spouse of an applicant for Medicare Savings Program see OAR The child support is deducted from unearned income first, and any remaining balance is deducted from earned income.

Child support paid by a service client who has an income cap trust ICT is an allowable distribution from the ICT see section 10 c F of OAR , but it not otherwise allowed as a deduction to reduce service liability. Contributions are monies not considered gifts or winnings given voluntarily to a member of the financial group by someone who is not in the group.

For non-cash contributions, see CCA B. Corporation : A closely-held corporation is usually incorporated by one or a small number of owners. For example, a farmer or a farming family who incorporate their farming business. Note: The owner of a closely-held corporation will have legal documents showing the date the business was incorporated. Each shareholder is responsible to file his or her own taxes on the profits the corporation distributes. For example, a law firm or other partnership may incorporate their business under Chapter S. Other corporations include companies that sell stock to investors including the general public.

Other Business Entities : This includes all other business arrangements that are not considered corporations - sole proprietorships, partnerships, and unincorporated limited liability companies LLC. From a business standpoint, the corporation is the employer; therefore, an individual with an ownership interest in a corporation including a principal does not work for himself but works for the corporation. In other words, they are considered an employee of the corporation and are not self-employed. When you locate the business, the bottom of the screen will display navigation tips.

Pay attention to 3 owners or F3 as it will give you the SSN and phone number of all the owners which is something the Secretary of State's website below will not do. If an individual is part or full owner of any type of a business entity other than a corporation, can be considered a principal, and is working for the business, the individual is considered self-employed and income and resources should be evaluated under the self-employment rules OAR and for income and for resources.

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If the individual has an ownership interest in any type of business entity other than a corporation, does not meet the definition of a principal e. If the individual has an ownership interest in any type of business entity other than a corporation regardless of principal status , but does not work for the business:. An individual or organization may sponsor the admission of a noncitizen under section of the Immigration and Nationality Act 8 U. An affidavit of support USCIS Form I is the agreement between the sponsor and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in which the sponsor agrees to provide financial support for the noncitizen so that the noncitizen will not become a public charge.

A major disaster is any natural catastrophe such as a hurricane or drought, or, regardless of cause, any fire, flood or explosion, which the President determines causes damage of sufficient severity and magnitude. An emergency is any occasion or instance for which the President determines that Federal assistance is needed to supplant State and local efforts and capabilities to save lives and to protect property and public health and safety, or to lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance is emergency assistance authorized under P. Individuals receiving Disaster Unemployment Assistance are not eligible for other unemployment compensation and cannot receive both at the same time. Payments are limited to 26 weeks. The following payments are excluded as income and resources if they result from an emergency or major disaster :. Earned income is income received through employment, received in exchange for an individual's physical or mental labor or any other compensation for services performed.

Earned income includes all of the following:. Countable self-employment income gross minus allowable costs is also subject to the earned income deductions. Losses from self-employment are excluded from the gross earned income from a separate source including other self-employment income.

Remember exclusions apply to gross income before costs the result is countable income and deductions apply to countable income the result is adjusted income. Income of a temporary employee of the U. EITC is a federal and state tax program for low-income families. EITC may be received in one of two ways:. EITC payments are excluded as assets in the month of receipt. For OSIPM, they are excluded as resources for a maximum of 12 full months starting with the month following the month of receipt of the refund or payment.

All funds remaining after the month period are counted as a resource. The IEA is excluded while it accumulates, while it is saved, and when it is withdrawn for educational purposes. If for some reason it is withdrawn for other purposes, then it would be a countable resource for OSIPM most likely as cash.

Educational expenses are tuition, fees, and other necessary expenses for education at any educational institution. Educational expenses do not include the cost of shelter. Examples of educational expenses include:. For OSIPM, the value of funds in Plan otherwise known as a qualified tuition plan or program is counted as a resource to the owner of the fund, but not to the beneficiary the person who is going to college , unless the beneficiary is also the account owner. Gifts set aside to pay educational expenses are treated the same as distributions from a Coverdell Education Savings account above, except that the exclusion does not apply to any portion set aside or actually used for food or shelter.

See OAR for information on other types of educational income. Educational income is income designated specifically for educational expenses this includes including Pell Grants, scholarships, and other government or private grants. To be considered educational income, the income must be given to one of the following:.

Educational funds including non-title IV work study used for the following education expenses is excluded:. To determine the amount of educational income to exclude from the awarded amount s , use education expenses listed in the financial aid award letter unless one of the following is true:. Clients may be attending school under the displaced workers program. In this instance, the student will continue to receive weekly Unemployment Compensation UC benefits while attending school.

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Treat Displaced Worker payments the same as UC benefits. Distributions from a Coverdell Education Savings account and gifts used for education purposes are treated under the educational account rule OAR Exclude all energy assistance payments or allowances made under any federal, state, or local law Public Law These payments include:.

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A payment is considered available when actually received by the victim of abuse. Floating homes and houseboats that are the individual's home are treated as a home see Otherwise they would be treated as real property see or income-producing property see , depending on the use.

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Foster care is when an individual is placed in the home of relatives or other individuals or families by a federal, state or local governmental foster care program. This could be child or adult foster care. Guardianship Assistance payments are made by Child Welfare, for children under age 18, when a person has agreed to be the guardian of the child. These payments are authorized under a foster care waiver. For adults in foster care, this also includes their room and board payment and any service payment the client is required to pay their provider.

Gifts are items given to or received by an individual on or for a special occasion, such as a holiday, birthday, graduation, or wedding. They are not given or received on a regular basis. Gifts can be cash or non-cash.

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Winnings are prizes given to an individual in a contest, game of chance or similar event. Winnings in the form of money may be distributed periodically e. In-kind gifts and winnings are treated according to policy for the rule applicable to the specific type of asset; otherwise. If an individual is offered a choice between an in-kind item and cash, the cash amount is considered unearned income, even if the individual chooses the in-kind item and regardless of the value, if any, of the in-kind item.

Gifts and winnings in the form of money are treated as periodic or lump-sum income. The value of a gift card or certificate is income in the month it is received if the gift card or certificate can be used to purchase food or shelter or can be resold. There is a rebuttable presumption that the gift card or certificate can be resold. For employment-related items, see Monetary gifts given for educational purposes are treated under the Educational Accounts rule.

People working in the commercial fishing industry may qualify for Groundfish Disaster benefits. To qualify for Groundfish Disaster benefits, a groundfisher must be working with the Oregon Employment Department as a displaced worker. Since , Equipment has worked hard to revolutionize women's clothing options and take fashion to another level. Equipment has become your one-stop shop for women's trendy shirts, sweaters, dresses, outerwear, rompers, scarves, shoes, bottoms, pajamas, prints and knits, and for good reason.

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