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Walmart Contacts is the one-stop eye care shop brand that not only assists you in improving your vision but also gives you a modish look at the same time. It is an authorized online retailer of contact lenses which facilitates you to experience the freedom to see the world in an innovative way. It also gives the finest eyewear in different sizes and patterns at the most reasonable price.

It offers an ample range of the latest eyeglasses and contact lenses coupled with the provision of prescribed lenses for both men and women.

Walgreens Contact Lenses Discounts & Coupon Codes [Save 20%] | Eye Health HQ

You can place your order of desirable lenses from its online showroom and visit the website to get more information about its glasses, lenses and other eye care solutions. Improve your vision power and get the best products from Walmart Contacts. Walmart Contacts Coupons Promotion was verified 2 days ago. Free Shipping on All Orders. Learn More About walmartcontacts.

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Submit Coupon. Visit walmartcontacts. Some doctors in some states are employed by the location. Eye exams available from self—employed doctors who lease space inside of Sears or Target. Valid AAA Membership required. Valid on multiple pairs.

Treat yourself to huge savings with Walmart Contacts Coupons: 11 deals for November 12222.

These discounts cannot be combined with any other store offers, vision care plans, previous purchases, readers, or non-prescription sunglasses. Valid prescription required. Some brands excluded including Varilux lenses and Cartier frames. Discounts are off tag price. These discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions, coupons or vision care plans, previous purchases, or readers.

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Some brands excluded including Varilux lenses and Authentic lenses, and Cartier frames. Savings applied to lenses. Valid at participating store locations only. Valid on multiple purchases. These discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions, coupons or vision care plans, previous purchases, readers or nonprescription sunglasses. Contact lenses offer numerous benefits for those who are in need of vision correction.

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses will not fog up due to changes in temperature, and they will not become smudged or smeared during the day. With contact lenses, you can wear sunglasses, protective eyewear and 3D movie glasses more comfortably, and your appearance won't be changed by wearing the lenses.

In addition, contact lenses fully cover the eye, so that your vision is enhanced no matter which direction you look - a benefit that eyeglasses cannot provide. Contact lenses come in a wide variety of types, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Lenses come in two main varieties: daily wear or vial contacts that you continue to use day-in and day-out and disposable lenses that you wear for a specific period of time before throwing them away and using a new pair. There are a number of specialty types of contacts that are ideal for certain individuals. Color lenses change the color of the eyes while correcting vision, while toric lenses are made for people with an eye condition called astigmatism, which affects the way the eye focuses.

Walmart Contacts Promo Codes

Multifocal lenses improve both near and distant vision and are suitable for individuals who require bifocal eyeglasses. Before ordering contact lenses, you'll need to visit an optometrist to have an eye exam. The optometrist will determine what strength of lenses is ideal for your needs and what size lenses will best fit your eyes.

He or she will also discuss your lifestyle and daily habits with you to help determine which variety of contact lenses will be the most convenient for you to use and will be the safest option for your eyes. Then, you will be provided with a prescription that states what brand, type, strength and size you should purchase.

Once you have a prescription from your optometrist, you can easily purchase your contacts from Walgreens and have them shipped to your home. Start by finding the brand and style of lens that your doctor recommended. You can use the links at the left-hand side to make your search easier. Once you have added the right lens to your cart, enter the patient details and information from your prescription.

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  • You can find this information on boxes of contacts that you have at home or on a paper prescription provided by your optometrist. After these selections, you can enter the optometrist's information and fax number to accelerate the processing of your order. The Walgreens customer service team will contact your optometrist to verify the accuracy of the prescription and that it was issued within the last 12 months.

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    Then, your contacts will be shipped. Before putting in your lenses, wash your hands with soap and water and rinse them thoroughly.

    Place the lens on your index finger so that the bottom of the bowl-like shape is resting on your finger. Look for any rips or tears in the lens. Don't use a lens that is damaged in any way. To insert the lens, use the index finger on your other had to pull your upper eyelid up. With the hand that's holding the lens, pull down on your lower lid with your middle finger. Then, slowly touch the lens to your eye. Release your eyelids and gently blink once or twice. Wash your hands with soap and water and rinse them well.