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Sign In with Facebook. Keep me logged in. Forgot password? The El Capitan is located at Hollywood Blvd. Tickets often sell out, especially for new releases and on weekends, so buy in advance. General admission tickets provide open seating only no reserved seats. VIP tickets entitle you to reserved seats in the center section of the theater and include a bucket of popcorn and a 20 oz drink. If you have VIP tickets, you do not have to wait in the long general admission line to get into the theater.

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Timing is everything here. We were fortunate enough to arrive midway through a movie showing at the El CapitanTheatre , and had no problems being seated immediately. As soon as the movie let out, however, the line to get into the Soda Fountain was halfway down the block. So if you just want ice cream, be sure to check the movie times and plan your visit accordingly. Probably the most famous landmark in Hollywood, it still has the power to amaze.

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The Chinese Theatre is located at Hollywood Blvd. One of the most amazing movie palaces in Los Angeles, the Egyptian Theatre built in has been nicely renovated to its old glory. It is operated by a non-profit organization, the American Cinematheque, which shows art films, documentaries and classics on its giant screen. The Egyptian Theatre is located at Hollywood Blvd. Recorded program information is available by calling Tours for the public are offered once a month or private group tours of the Egyptian Theatre can be scheduled, call Back in the early days, movie theaters did not have concession stands.

There is other Snow White artwork in the cafe as well, but only the mural claims a direct connection with Disney. There are are at least three stories behind the origins of the mural, but unfortunately none of them add up completely:. There were many, many other places where the animators could have eaten breakfast much closer to work!

This is not believable for the same reasons as Story 1.

Mud Mug Cafe

For the party afterward, a friend offered a recently purchased shop he was remodeling into a restaurant. The mural does look very Disney-like and it seems probable that there is some kind of long-ago Disney connection, since Disney — which is notorious for enforcing its copyrights and trademarks — has never forced the owners to remove the characters from the walls or change the name of the cafe. It serves meals, but we understand the food is not particularly good. Tourists come here, but so do locals who have been eating here for 60 years or more, and occasionally movie stars.

The waiters are a trip. Some of them seem to have been working here since the place opened, and while they are super-professional, they tend to be cranky. Paid parking is behind the restaurant, and you enter through the back. Call for reservations.

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Open for dinner only on Sunday. Closed Monday. Special exhibitions are sometimes offered. Looking for some recommendations here. It seems counter-intuitive, but the VIP is the 2. MInimum age for attending a taping is 18 years old, or I would have tried that. Is the Deluxe tour really much better? I know there is no guarantee of what sets you will see, or what actors you may spot, but I'm hoping to get some good advice to increase my chances.

Which tour would you recommend? I think the Deluxe has only 1 time per day ish but the VIP has several times. Is morning better for a chance of spotting a favorite actor? What time do the actors usually have to arrive on set? My wife and I did the 5 hour tour a year ago and it is well worth the money!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood - Deluxe Tour

Very informative tour guides and the lunch in the commissary would rival any 5 star restaurant. Studios are in the business of making money. It's incredibly expensive to make a movie so they don't want any delays: when the talent arrives, they get prepped makeup, costume and they go to work.

Hollywood Attraction Discounts & Coupons

They don't stroll around the studio, chatting with visitors, etc. I know that they are depicted that way in movies but nothing could be further from the truth. The last time I took the tour, it was the set for "Chuck". The Deluxe tour immerses you much more deeply into those arenas -- your tour guide will talk for hours about WB productions, the talent in those programs and movies, the directors, etc, etc.

As we always tell visitors, if you want to ensure that you'll see celebrities, the easiest way to do that is to go to a TV show taping or PURCHASE tickets to a local play, concert or theatrical production that includes celebrities that you're interested in. For 'last minute' deals on all kinds of events from concerts to gourmet 'food tasting' , check out Goldstar. No tears here. I get it. I certainly have no delusions of a celebrity walking over to say hello just holding out hope that MAYBE my son would spot someone off in the distance walking into their trailer.

It turns out the Deluxe is sold out that day anyway, so VIP it is.

Is the Go Los Angeles Pass worth it? Go Los Angeles Pass review 12222

Either way, he will have a great day. Just thought I'd mention that the minimum age for at least some tapings around town is 16 years, so though it might be 18 for the specific shows you are most interested, you could still try to attend a taping of something. I read all the fine print -- it says to arrive no later than , but what time do I really need to be there?

Later we found out they have an extended "deluxe" tour which lasts twice as long. So on a return trip two weeks ago we splurged on the "deluxe" tour. I will explain our disappointment in this expensive tour, but feel in fairness, I should mention the positive side of the Warner tours.

And I will make a final recommendation on how to spend your money wisely and see the most. The guide in was very professional and our most recent guide, Dean, was a real pro. We were very fortunate to have him. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the studio and it's history made for a wonderful tour. Here's the disappointing part of the "deluxe" tour. I heard your gasps as you read the price.