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A PS5 that pricy could still be a mistake. Sony will be wary not to repeat the same mistake again, especially since both Microsoft and Nintendo are expected to launch budget consoles in the near future. Three major features have emerged from the rumor mill so far: The PS5 will run vintage games, it will double down on virtual reality, and it could eliminate load screens. This means users who have a stack of retro games could just pop in their old discs and bring back the nostalgia.

The article states that the console will come with a VR-focused chipset, making it a powerhouse for immersive gaming. A Sony continuation patent granted by the USPTO on June 18 suggested that the future console could eliminate game loading screens entirely.

The system would split games up into a kind of jigsaw puzzle or mosaic. Whenever a player steps into one of the pieces, or areas, the adjacent pieces are loaded in the background incase the player chooses to travel to them.

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In addition to a couple under-the-hood changes, the PS5 may also launch with a secret weapon : a wireless VR headset. One of its defining features is expected to be an optimized virtual reality experience thanks to the aforementioned chipset. Sony could leverage that to update its PSVR line for the first time since A lot of the details about this rumored VR headset come from the Pastebin leaker, whose initial leak was largely accurate.

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But analysts suggest these kinds of specs might make the headset too pricey, which leads them to believe some of the upgrades will be scaled back. Still, multiple patents back up this description of the potential hardware. The patent describes how a PlayStation console could be used to encode VR video data into a 60 GHz frequency, which would then be beamed to the headset and decoded. To pull this off, users would need to stay in the same room as the console to avoid any signal interruptions.

The USPTO documents also described how a console could be made to precisely aim the wave to the headset to improve signal quality. The Japan Patent Office recently published a patent on March 14 that depicted a headset that players can use without having to attach it to their console.

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Instead, an attachment transfers data between the console and a TV-mounted PS Camera using high-frequency waves. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published a Sony application patent on April 4 that seems to describe the method without actually mentioning it. This could improve the VR experience for all users by making it less intensive for consoles and computers to generate massive 3D worlds.

This patent also mentions that all of that data could be transferred wirelessly from the console to the headset, which lines up with the Pastepin leak.

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Sony already offers its own cloud gaming service, PS Now, but users can only access it with PS hardware. The joint venture will help Sony improve its PS Now cloud streaming service and also bring PlayStation exclusives to Xbox fans for a small fee. The proposed system would run a game on a hosting service which could be accessed over the internet on PCs or using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. That aligns with a May 11 patent that proposed using a smartphone or tablet instead of the iconic DualShock controller.

A feature like this could take the form of extremely immersive VR experiences, where users can hear the rustling of trees or footsteps in the distance.

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Cerny dropped some other juicy details about what the PS5 will pack under the hood. For the most part, he confirmed many of the Pastebin leaks. Changing to SSD means fewer loading screens and more play time. Vast, explorable worlds like the ones in Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 can be rendered in a fraction of the time.

The only drawback is that SSDs are notably more expensive that HDDs, which could raise the overall cost of the console. He also revealed that the PS5 will support 8K resolution. Since 8K TVs are still eye-wateringly expensive , this might not be a hit feature right off the bat. But seeing as the console life cycle lasts five to six years, this is likely a way for Sony to future-proof the PS5.

Finally, the upcoming console will get the usual CPU upgrade. This massive upgrade was backed up by one industry expert. Schreier is a trusted source for industry information and correctly leaked the Fallout 4 setting and game dialogue before the title was released.

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  • Want To Get Into VR? The PlayStation VR Is On Sale For Its Lowest Price Ever.
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As such, the PS4 Slim is the console suitable for most people. Like the name suggests, it's smaller and thinner than the original PS4, plus it adds support for 5GHz Wi-Fi networks — something the launch PS4 did not have. It comes in both GB and 1TB variants, though it's worth mentioning that the PS4 now supports external hard drives, so you can purchase a separate USB hard drive if you find yourself running out of space. The PS4 Pro is geared towards two main audiences: people with 4K TVs and those who simply want the best performance out of their Sony console.

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With its enhanced hardware, it's able to run games at higher resolutions and take advantage of the sharper clarity of a 4K TV as well as deliver higher framerates and smoother performance than is possible on a regular PS4 or PS4 Slim. Black Friday beauty deals. Black Friday fashion deals. Black Friday technology deals.